Sprint scope creep and Jira reporting

To better understand how the standard chart reports in Jira work I have created a small 3 day sprint with three stories all estimated,  added to a version the added to the Sprint before starting the sprint (in that order)

Step 1) Added 3 stories at beginning of Sprint 1,2,5 story points (8 points total)


Now let’s do some work

image002Step 2) Two stories now ‘done’ – 1,2 points (Red line on 5)


Note the dodgy ‘y’ axis labels are too high up when viewing the chart in IE 11 – the zero and dates should be on the x axis.


Now 3 points are show as complete in the release  (represented as -3)

Step 3) Now create a new story, version, estimate (10 points), and add it to the Sprint (mid sprint)!


A sprint scope warning is displayed – which is nice.image006

Sprint burn down chart now includes the 10 points spike


Release report also shows the +10 pointed story added

Step 4) I then tried to change the estimate for the 5 point story, as expected the Jira interface does not make this field editable once in Sprint (it ‘was’ a commitment so is history), this is a good thing so I didn’t try to force it.


(now in Chrome browser)

The version report above also indicates the additional step in 10 points. The first step is the 3 points awarded, the second step is the 8 (-3) = 5 points remaining. The third step is the newly added 10 point story.

Step 5) Ok now let’s move the original 5 point story to ‘Done’.


Now this is shown in the sprint burn down as a 5 point drop.


The version report above is a little more interesting –  the blue line has now jumped to indicate the newly completed 5 points. I was expecting the 5 point step to be blue also – but this will only show after 24hrs.


The Release burn down is updated instantly and correctly shows the 8 points completed.

Step 6) Now let’s try the 10 point story we have added mid sprint and move to ‘Done’.


The red line in the Sprint report above correctly hits rock bottom.


The version burn down is for some reason sitting at 90 % – however the blue line and 18 points are aligned. There is an open bug with Atlassian for this issue (GHS-12137).


The Release Burndown also shows 18 points completed

There is no Velocity report as we havn’t completed the sprint. It finished tomorrow so I will wait 24 hrs and look again….

Step 7) 24 hrs later and the Sprint now complete



The version report now has the completed story points and the blue line aligned. The step up was recorded on the 19th Jan indicating all work complete.

Looking at Alfresco’s post – which is worth a read, he identified some other open issues https://www.alfresco.com/blogs/developer/2015/07/29/inside-the-jira-version-report/

Estimate all work first before hitting the start button on the upcoming Sprint. This is both good Scrum practice and will better represent the sprint progress.

This was a simple test of what happens with just a couple of items in a release. A real release report would look more like this:





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